BigLittleCity: Cardiff – The Book!

It’s been a year since the Big Little City exhibition at the Old library.

To celebrate the anniversary we are planning to put together a coffee table book documenting the project and exhibition. The book will be available freely online as a PDF, but we’d really like to produce a limited print run of 50-100 depending on interest.

The book would be 80 148x148mm pages, full colour and cost £10

Obviously we will try our best to encapsulate everything that made the exhibition special, but can’t guarantee that everyone’s work will make it in. We will have an artists index at the back of the book with the names and website details of people involved.

Would you like a copy?

If so please let us know in the comments below.


12 responses to “BigLittleCity: Cardiff – The Book!”

  1. Allie

    Yes please! Two please! x

  2. Carl Morris

    Yes please!

  3. claire phillips-thomas

    Yes please and probably more than one copy x

  4. LeeC

    Yeah, boys. Count me in.

  5. Mansel

    Have you thought about using iAuthor to produce an electronic version? You will still have the ability to produce a PDF version and you can sell the book via iTunes, Apple take 30% but you have a worldwide audience.

  6. @moratorium

    I think I'd buy one!

  7. O Tridral

    Yes please

  8. Gareth

    I'd buy one.

  9. Ieuan

    i didnt make it to the exhibition so i would definitely be interested in buying one

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  11. Ginger Brittain

    Hi Daniel,

    I’d love to buy a copy of your book. How do I get one? It would be lovely to show the folks in Michigan beautiful Cardiff!

  12. Janet Blackman

    Just found this. Did the booklet ever happen would be interested in a copy. I was a winner of the art xhibition and it spurred me into action and I am now studying for a BA in fine art
    Janet Blackman

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