We Are Cardiff

We Are Cardiff was a storytelling project in which the citizens of Cardiff were invited to tell their story of the city.

We wanted people to tell us what is special about their neighbourhood? What do they love about living in the capital, and what they hate?

We exhibited stories gathered since We Are Cardiff’s launch in 2010 and had visitors to the exhibition write their own Cardiff story, which we added to the ever growing storyboard throughout the course of the BigLittleCity Exhibition.

By the end of the exhibition the wall and washing line were filled with amazing stories from the public.

Watch this space for stories from the exhibition and a big thank you goes to Helia Phoenix and the Hack Flash team for providing us with this great project. The We are Cardiff project continues here.

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  1. hp


  2. EWilliams

    Can we still submit a Cardiff story? Is there a deadline/wordcount? Ta x

  3. pam

    Do you know that Cardiff has its very own community currency? Thought not! Cardiff Taffs Community Currency is a growing group in Cardiff and the surrounding area that exchanges goods and services with other members in return for our currency, which we call Taffs. We are about to celebrate our 1st birthday! We trade goods, such as homemade preserves, craft items, plants, fruit and veg etc, at our monthly social and trading session. This is held on the 1st saturday of each month at the Embassy Cafe in Cathays Community Centre, Cathays Terrace Cardiff from 2-5pm. Here you can withdraw paper-based Taffs from your account and buy or sell your goods here. or simply come for a cuppa and a chat with leaders and other members.
    But we also trade in services so we have members offering things like bicycle repairs, painting, gardening, computer repairs, massages or complimentary therapies, and many more things besides. These are usually traded and tracked via our website (www.cardifftaffs.org.uk). From time-to-time members run workshops for other members to share their skills with others. Attendance is paid for fully in Taffs.
    We are a free-membership group run by a team of volunteer leaders who want to promote the many skills our members have, give them a value and celebrate them by sharing them with other members. Many people think they wont have anything of value to offer others but are surprised at the things that are valued within our community! We have space for everyone so please check us out on our website, come along to a meeting or drop us an email with any questions you might have. We'd love to hear from you!

    1. Blanche

      How fab! When I moved back to Cardiff more than five years ago I tried to find a LETS but it didn't exist then. Delighted to hear about you!

  4. angela smith

    What a brilliant idea, where did the inspiration come from? Will come and check out the scene sson.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Angela Smith

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