Off the Wall

Bute Park Animal Wall Project


This project is still open to the animation community in Cardiff

Working with animators from around Cardiff and headed up by Matt Simkins and Luke Hyde we will create a short animated film and subsequent archive of publicly available Creative Commons licensed footage portraying the Bute Park animal wall and Cardiff’s hidden corners. We intend to truly capture the character of not only the animals – but of the city they call home.

Cardiff residents since 1890, the Bute Park animals know Cardiff better than anyone and as Cardiff sleeps (between the clubs closing and the milkmen starting their day) we follow them as they visit their favourite spots in the city. The animation will be set against a live action backdrop with each of the animals rendered in their own unique style.


  • Pelican – Priscilla
  • Ant-eater
  • Racoons (x2)
  • Leopard
  • Beaver
  • Vulture – Odo
  • Hyena
  • Wolf
  • Apes (x2) – Martha & Oscar
  • Seal – Billy
  • Bear
  • Lioness
  • Lynx – Larry
  • Lion (x2) – Romulus & Remus

6 responses to “Off the Wall”

  1. Jenny Cronin

    I unveiled the animals on the wall in October 2010. My Grandfather was one of the original stonemasons. I have photos and press write ups. My granddaughters were with me, and are looking forward to the film. They don't live in Cardiff, so would make a special journey to see it. More information please. Thanks. Jenny Cronin BA (Hons)

  2. Nicholas Kendrick

    My friend and his father both sculptors helped restore the wall in the 1980's, my friends father carved the coat of arms above the gate to the castle grounds near canton bridge out of stone then as well. Since then the wall has recieved further restoration.

  3. Iraqi Dinar

    Hi Nicholas – yes the Bute Park redevelopment project have just recently finished work on the wall, giving the aardvark back his nose! We'd love to know more about the coat of arms.

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