Keep Up Cardiff

The beautiful game in our beautiful city.

This project is still open for people to take part.


We need your help to make a video – the brief is simple: A football will travel around the city, being passed from person to person, showing the hidden corners of the city we love. You can film your submission on anything you like; camcorder, mobile phone, cinefilm. All we ask is that you stick to three simple rules:

  1. Start with the ball out of shot.
  2. Keep the camera still (this will help with lower quality cameras such as mobile phones etc. and make the final video easier to cut together).
  3. End with the ball out of shot.

What happens in-between is up to you, but get creative people.  We’d like to see different scenes across Cardiff plus some inventive set ups, tricks and passes.

Post your videos to YouTube and tag them keepupcardiff so we can find them. You can even post a link to your video here.

The videos will be shown at the BigLittleCity exhibition.

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