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The Cardiff Coat of Arms

The Red Dragon is the emblem of Wales and he holds a flag depicting three chevrons on a red ground. This was the standard of Iestin ap Gwrgant, the last Prince of Glamorgan, who lived in Cardiff Castle about 1030-1080. Later, this flag became the Arms of the Lords of Glamorgan and Cardiff. Alongside the Dragon there is a leek (the floral emblem of Wales). The motto beneath the shield reads ‘Y ddraig goch ddry cychwyn’ (the Red Dragon will lead the way).

The Crest is made up of a Tudor Rose and Three Ostrich Feathers. The Three Ostrich Feathers form the badge of the Princes of Wales, and their use was specially authorised by Royal Warrant. The Tudor Rose and the Mural Crown (part of the old Arms of Cardiff) represent Cardiff’s history.

The motto for the crest reads ‘ Deffro mae’n ddydd’ (Awake, it is day).

The Supporters of the shield are, a Welsh goat (representing the mountains of Wales), and a sea-horse (representing the sea and the Cardiff’s position as a world port). The Royal Badge for Wales is worn around the neck of each supporter, this addition was made by Royal Warrant by the Queen following the recognition of the City of Cardiff as the Capital of Wales in 1955.

For a more in-depth look at the crest – we can recommend Heraldry of the World

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You can create your coat of arms however you like – pen & paper, photo collage or sculpture, it’s up to you.

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