Cardiff: Characters

The project that got BLC started – Dan Green photographs the people who make Cardiff what it is to him as well as taking suggestions from you.
We’re looking for the quintessential cardiffians – people who bring colour the city. In celebrating the unsung heroes of Cardiff – we start to define the human landscape of our fine city.

A Cardiff Characters website is coming soon and to see more work and  get in contact with Dan, you can visit his site here – Dan Green Photography

6 responses to “Cardiff: Characters”

  1. gail

    wicked — I have some pics B n w of Charles Byrd — from when he was in Chapter Years ago in his little work shop — then in the beautiful show he had which exhibited for a while in the old museum — ,if you want any for da Show just EMAIL us —- Gail n john photo evolution—

    1. Pauline

      I was next door to him …in his little workshop in Chapter..I could hear him working away and his musical pieces playing…I didn't need a radio,whilst I was working on my paintings…Pauline

  2. gail

    I remember Taking a gang of kids around his work shop to look at his work and — the look of surprise on their face's was priceless — he would remove a black bin bag from the sculpture then flick a switch and it would spring to life —– they were speechless — Pauline i bet it was lovely having him as a neighbor !!!!

  3. Lee Mengo

    Have you ever met Dennis who works in Charleston's? Now he is a Cardiff Character if ever I have seen one.
    Lee Mengo.

  4. John Archer

    Cardiff’s certainly got a lot of characters. Have a few good shots I’m happy to share if needed 🙂

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