“Off the Wall” animation project finds new recruits

Marc Heatley and I visited the Atrium today to meet Gareth Hutchinson and the 3rd year animation students who need to be involved in a community based project outside the college as part of their final degree mark.

The “Off the Wall” project sees the stone animals of Bute park come to life at night when we’re all asleep.

The response from the Atrium students was excellent and a few seemed very keen to get involved.

Two friends of Big Little City are in control of “Off the Wall”

They are Matt Simkins and Luke Hyde, both are working animators for Dinamo

Their contact e mails :

Matt Simkins : steadymatt@hotmail.com

Luke Hyde : bubblegumrobot@hotmail.com

Please contact these two if you are interested in getting involved with animation at the Big Little City project.


Dan Green

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