Car park

Car park .2, originally uploaded by Concrete Island.

Excellent image by Concrete Island

Fishing men

fishing men, originally uploaded by mat.walley.

Loving this image of the bay fishing scene , courtesy of Matt Walley

On the hunt for talented artists from Cardiff

The Big Little City site is fully operational and building up a tidy team. I need people to submit  their work contributing to an exhibition at the all new Cardiff museum (the Cardiff story) in December.

So far we’ve got photographers, painters, poets, ceramicist,  and animators – to name a few. I wonder who else is interested,   get involved people 🙂

UPDATE (3/11/2010): Hi, sorry for not updating this sooner, but The Cardiff Story will now be launching in March 2011 and BLC has subsequently had to move our dates to match this new schedule. The great news is that we’ll be in the venue and open to the public for four months from March till June.

Cardiff Character

I've seen this fella all over the place recently!

Cardiff Character, originally uploaded by alliebrock.

Love this guy. He’s been rearing his ugly(?) head all over the ‘diff in the past month or so. Love him or hate him – he’s definitely a Cardiff Character.

Thanks to Allie for posting the image.

Bus Depot

Bus Depot, originally uploaded by dangreen.

Cardiff old school buses – they should be orange !

Snow BMX

Snow BMX, originally uploaded by dangreen.

Taken on the corner of Wellfield and Albany roads.


Comfort, originally uploaded by Mark Turner.

Sunny Grangetown (on Sea)

Welcome to sunny Grangetown, originally uploaded by Rhian iolo.

Ferry Rd – this is classic. Thanks to Rhian Iolo for submitting.


Carnival, originally uploaded by dangreen.

Cardiff Central

Cardiff Central, originally uploaded by dangreen.

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