Sam Osbourne

Mr. Osbourne is onboard with the biglittlecity project and will produce a customized T shirt for the event.<br /> Watch this space

Sam Osbourne, originally uploaded by dangreen.

Mr. Osbourne is on board with the biglittlecity project and will produce a customized T shirt for the event.
Watch this space for more developments of his work.

Bus shelter – Cardiff

Saturday night, Cardiff, Wales, UK

bus shelter – Cardiff, originally uploaded by Maciej Dakowicz.

Saturday night, Cardiff, Wales, UK

Here’s a fantastic shot from Maciej Dakowicz.

He’s a talented photographer who has documented the Cardiff night scene and recently opened up the Third Floor Gallery in Butetown.

A photographer that has plenty to offer (check out his website)

I’m very excited he’s involved in the Biglittlecity project.


Third Floor Gallery

Just come back from the Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff Bay.

There’s currently an interesting documentary photography exhibition about London streetlife.

It’s in its final week , so catch it soon.

Whilst there I met up with two excellent Polish photographers, Maciej Dakowicz and Bartosz Nowicki.

They’re both interested in getting involved in the Biglittlecity project and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Here are some links to their work and the Third Floor Gallery.

Maciej Dakowicz –

Bartosz Nowicki  –  Flickr stream

Third Floor Gallery  –

Exhibition Update

Had a great meeting at the Cardiff Story Museum today with their admin & pr officer, Jim Groves.

We have a top man working with us and we’re pushing in the right direction.

This is for Jim – “bluuuuueeebirds”

The Incredible Cruelvapours

just to get an idea of the size of the beast.</p> <p>Rmer & Bboy Slammo

, originally uploaded by

Rmer & Bboy Slammo

Can’t wait to see what they’re going to bring to biglittlecity


, originally uploaded by the5oclockninja.

A big welcome to the5oclockninja.

So glad he’s joined the Biglittlecity group on flickr.

Here’s a great picture taken outside the Senedd Building (the home of the Welsh Assembly Government) in Cardiff Bay.


Arcade, originally uploaded by Photographer #1.

Thanks to Steve (aka photographer 1) for this great stitch of Castle arcade.

Graffiti artists – cruelvapours join Biglittlecity

Very excited to announce that one of the finest and most experienced Graffiti artists from Cardiff are getting involved with Biglittlecity.

I spoke to Brad from Cruel Vapours  today, and he’s agreed to contribute various canvas pieces at the exhibition including an exclusive mural on one of the walls.

Here’s a couple of links to his work , and you’ll see why i’m so happy he’s onboard

You can’t park there

Womanby St, Cardiff </p> <p><a href=

You can’t park there, originally uploaded by alliebrock.

Womanby St, Cardiff

Another gem from Allie Brock


Thanks to Swank Twang for a taster of things to come.