Guy Evans – ‘Out of Space’ (recent video installation)

Out of Space (inspired by Alvin Lucier) from Guy Evans on Vimeo.

Recent video installation created for a university project, inspired by Alvin Lucier and his recording ‘I am sitting in a room’.
Created entirely from using layers of reverb (space), video created by adding layers of effects in Apple Motion.

Dan Green – ‘I’m so glad the mighty Guy is involved in the Biglittlecity project.    We’ve got so many ideas for the show. I can’t wait’

Miguel – Music Producer and MC

A very talented musician who will be producing a unique track for the Biglittlecity exhibition.<br /> LInks - <a href=

Miguel – Music Producer and MC, originally uploaded by dangreen.

AKA – Ming

A very talented musician who will be producing a unique track for the Biglittlecity exhibition.

LInks –

He’s got a big night on at the Cardiff Arts Institute this Thursday 15/4/10
called – “ILLOSOPHY “
The philosophy of the ill.
A night hosted by MC Redeye Knight , that focuses mainly on EXPERIMENTAL EVOLUTIONARY HIP HOP , promoting all local and outside talents.

City Lights start to twinkle in the Snow

Welcome to Biglittlecity Ross

Looking forward to seeing more in the future

Pink Ladies

Pink Ladies, originally uploaded by Brainless Angel.

Cardiff Bay in fading light.

Great work from the Brainless Angel

Jocelyn Bain Hogg’s exhibition tonight at the Third Floor Gallery

Free admission – Opens at 7 p.m    (Friday 9th of April 2010)


“Muse” takes the premise from writer J.G. Ballard’s book “The Kindness of Women” where he states that beauty is the square inch of skin seen on waking up close to the one you love.
The striking close-up photographs of Bain Hogg’s friends, family and partners, depict an honest personal insight into femininity. The work explores beauty and female emotion in an unvarnished and un-retouched manner, challenging the 21st Century ethos of cosmetic enhancement and air-brushed magazine perfection.

Third Floor Gallery web link


We all desire freedom,but for them,it s just such an easy thing.

Flying, originally uploaded by Jiajun Yang.

We all desire freedom,but for them,it s just such an easy thing.

Here’s a superb image from Jiajun Yang

Welcome to the biglittlecity site Jiajun

Ninjah’s Denim Spillers Jacket

Another gem from Ninjah's wardrobe.</p> <p>Cardiff, 2010</p> <p>

Ninjah’s Denim Spillers Jacket, originally uploaded by dangreen.

Another gem from Ninjah’s wardrobe.


Security, originally uploaded by Foomandoonian.

Fantastic image submitted by Foomandoonian.


spillers, originally uploaded by ambley55.

Spillers Records, the oldest record store in the world.

A mecca for music lovers.

Thanks to ambley55 for this image.

Click here to visit the Spillers website

Past, Present and Future In Cardiff

Here’s a great city shot of the ever changing city.

Thanks to Stewart Herbert this reflective shot.

Here’s a link to his flickr account and his blog.

Welcome to biglittlecity Stewart and looking forward to seeing more.

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