BMX Fozzy

We were driving by Fozzy's stompin grounds and ringing him to sort out some live show arrangements when we look in the rear view and who's tearing up the street on his new pimped out ride but the boy himself.</p> <p>He'd just been given the tee he's wearing and by chance we had a cam on us. He asked for a quick shot so he could pass it back as thanks to the company who gave it to him. So we hopped straight out the car and shot him then and there where he stood. 30 seconds later and 5 shots taken we hopped back in the ride. Gave him a spud and bounced.</p> <p>Love it when life hands you those little random moments.</p> <p>Hit us up on <br /> <a href=

BMX Fozzy, originally uploaded by AssociatedMinds.

Beatbox Fozzy pic by Associated Minds

We were driving by Fozzy’s stompin grounds and ringing him to sort out some live show arrangements when we look in the rear view and who’s tearing up the street on his new pimped out ride but the boy himself.

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Asphalt clouds.

Cardiff. South Wales.

Asphalt clouds., originally uploaded by Daiablo.

Awesome shot from Daiablo.
Absolutely love it.

Swica Carnival (2010)

_MRF0343, originally uploaded by oneacre / Mike Fudge.

Thanks to Mike Fudge (oneacre) for this colourful image of Leanne.

SWICA Carnival (Cardiff 2010)

31st July - Carnival Parade<br /> (9)

SWICA Carnival (Cardiff 2010), originally uploaded by DanGreen.

Another year, another Swica Cardiff Carnival.

At the Big Little City exhibition next year will be a large montage of the amazing Swica crew with plenty of carnival shots through the decades.

Thanks to Adi for creating this image with me.

Animators needed for Cardiff’s Animal Wall project

BLC needs a wide range of animators for an exciting project involving the animal wall in Cardiff’s city centre.

The aim is to make the animals come to live during the night and have a mini adventure around the town.

If you are interested in getting involved , please contact me by e mail

Cheers people,

Dan Green

Caroline Smith (White Dragon Queen)

SWICA Carnival, 2010

Caroline Smith, originally uploaded by DanGreen.

SWICA Carnival, 2010

This coming Saturday (31st July) the Mas carnival will be marching from Butetown to the City hall Big Weekend site.

The carnival will leave Butetown around 11 am.

I urged people to come down and if you have a camera, take stacks of pics as Big Little City will have a section of the exhibition dedicated to the SWICA people and your picture could be in the collage.

Dan Green

Here’s a link to the SWICA Carnival website

Flying Grayscale

View Large:</p> <p><a href=

Flying Grayscale, originally uploaded by geezaweezer.

Mine !

Cheers for this Geeza

Photomarathon @ the Old Library

I’m off to the launch night of the Photomarathon this evening which promises to be a belter.

The exhibition is free, exhibiting on the 1st floor and runs until 9th August.

People of Cardiff , go ,go ,go 🙂

Here’s a link to the Cardiff Story site with more info on the Photomarathon

3D Scale model of the Big Little City exhibition space

Many thanks to Blaanid Maddrell and Charlotte Neville for producing this 1:50 scale model of the 1st floor of the Old Library.
Big Little City will begin it’s residency from January til June 2011 at the Old Library, Hayes, Cardiff.
This magnificent building is being transformed into the Cardiff Story, the people’s museum of Cardiff.

With this wonderful model I can now spatially work out how to put this exhibition together.

The model makers coincidentally both live under the same roof and if you need a scaled model made you can contact Charlotte on this e mail:

Cathays Park Monument 2

Cathays Park Monument 2, originally uploaded by Chrisgriffiths.

Chris Griffiths with another stunner

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