BigLittleCity: Cardiff – The Book!

It’s been a year since the Big Little City exhibition at the Old library.

To celebrate the anniversary we are planning to put together a coffee table book documenting the project and exhibition. The book will be available freely online as a PDF, but we’d really like to produce a limited print run of 50-100 depending on interest.

The book would be 80 148x148mm pages, full colour and cost £10

Obviously we will try our best to encapsulate everything that made the exhibition special, but can’t guarantee that everyone’s work will make it in. We will have an artists index at the back of the book with the names and website details of people involved.

Would you like a copy?

If so please let us know in the comments below.


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Arcade Art winners exhibition opens today

Today sees the opening of the Arcade Art Winners Exhibition at Queens Arcade.

During the BigLittleCity exhibition, in partnership with Queens Arcade we ran a competition looking for artists to submit work under the headings of People, Places and Stories.

The winners were announced at the BigLittleCity closing party, and the prize was the opportunity to show and sell their work in Queens Arcade.

Janet Blackman (Places) with her characterful paintings, Brian Denman (People) is a fantastic sculptor working in bronze and stone and Danielle Wakeman (Stories) with her elegant fashion photography.

The guys got to work yesterday getting the exhibition ready and starting today, for nine days through September (Thursday – Saturday for the next three weeks) you can see what made these three artists stand out from the crowd.