Get Involved

Solo work

We’re eager to provide a platform for solo work. The brief is open and very simple. Cardiff. We want an insight into what the city means to you. Take a photo, make a film, paint a picture, sing a song or write a poem or make a collage or knit a scarf… It can be of anything that signifies Cardiff to you and everything is valid. Please use the comments form below with any questions or suggestions.

Join one of our projects

Over the next couple of months we will be posting details here and on the blog of how to get involved individual projects we are running. So far the list looks like this:

  • Cardiff Characters

    The project that got BLC started – Dan Green photographs the people who make Cardiff what it is to him as well as taking suggestions from the public. [Click here to find out more and nominate]

  • Flickr Pool

    The longest established section of the BLC community. The BLC:Cardiff Flickr group is the place to share your photos of this fine city. Find out more and join the group.

  • Off The Wall

    Working with Cardiff’s animation community. We imagine what the animals on Cardiff Castles’ famous animal wall get up to while the rest of the city is asleep. Click here to find out more about “Off The Wall”

  • Get Your Coat

    We supply a downloadable PDF of the Cardiff Coat of arms and invite people to create their own take on it. We will invite school parties to take part in workshops where they can complete a group Coat of Arms. click here to find out more about “Get Your Coat”

  • Hip-Hop project

    Cardiff’s Hip-hop community get the ball rolling. MCs submit an a capella – a tune will be created by Junior Disprol (Dead Residents) and then all of the parts are released under a Creative Commons license for people to add to or create their own mixes.