Sponsorship Opportunity

Here’s a great opportunity for businesses and organisations to get involved with  Biglittlecity  by sponsoring the project and a  four month long exhibition event. The exhibition is taking place in early 2011 at the newly refurbished Cardiff Museum (Cardiff Story) For further details please contact: or telephone : 07870 605 066

The BigLittleCity team so far……

Charles Byrd (Artist) – Penelope Rose (Painter) – Luke Hyde (Animator )- John Giwa-Amu (Film producer/director) – Cpsylvestor (Photographer) – Micheal Flynn (Ceramicist / Artist) – Tom Beardshaw (Web specialist / Photographer) – Foomandoonian (Photographer) – Nick Fisk (Poet) – John Briggs (Photographer) – Kaptin (Music Co ordinator) – Bryce Davies (Graf Artist) – Allie […]

Third Floor Gallery

Just come back from the Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff Bay. There’s currently an interesting documentary photography exhibition about London streetlife. It’s in its final week , so catch it soon. Whilst there I met up with two excellent Polish photographers, Maciej Dakowicz and Bartosz Nowicki. They’re both interested in getting involved in the Biglittlecity […]