BBC Wales Interview – Mal Pope 07/01/2011 by BigLittleCity

Dan Green talks to Roy Noble about the Big Little City project on BBC Radio Wales by BigLittleCity

We have been fortunate to have received great coverage for our past exhibitions from Media Wales who covered the Cardiff:Characters project in the South Wales Echo and Western Mail.

Capturing the essence of Cardiff in pictures would be a tough task. Some people might think an image of Cardiff Castle or the Millennium Stadium would do the trick. But for photographer Dan Green the character of Cardiff is typified by its people.

Dan was interviewed by the Guardian Cardiff blog, one of the city’s newest news outlets in March 2010.

Read the full interview here. ‘New photography project launches’ by Hannah Waldram – Friday 12 March 2010

‘Cardiff through a lens’ by Emma Weinbren – Cardiff Life, Issue 39, New Year 2010