Third Floor Gallery

Just come back from the Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff Bay.

There’s currently an interesting documentary photography exhibition about London streetlife.

It’s in its final week , so catch it soon.

Whilst there I met up with two excellent Polish photographers, Maciej Dakowicz and Bartosz Nowicki.

They’re both interested in getting involved in the Biglittlecity project and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Here are some links to their work and the Third Floor Gallery.

Maciej Dakowicz –

Bartosz Nowicki  –  Flickr stream

Third Floor Gallery  –

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  1. JKaranka

    Hey Dan. Cool that you enjoyed the gallery, I'll drop some images into this as well. I shot for some time in a now closed social club (not that long, though, but there are three or four keepers) and there's not much to do with the images.

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